„Morning in the Old Country“

aus der Galerie von eloiseart
Über dieses Bild:

The morning light streams in and plays across the walkway as we start another day. A gentle breeze slightly bends the tree back and forth in rhythm with the tolling of the bell in the tower. Impressionistic. Simple but complete. Satisfying. Warm and inviting.

"Morning in the Old Country" was painted in an impasto style, which means that each color was laid on with a palette knife, one layer at a time. The result is a three-dimensional piece that makes the viewer feel as if he or she can reach into the village and touch the light.

Old World. Beautiful in any room of the home or office. Gorgeous in a commercial setting as well: restaurant, bank, conference room, and more.

Rich colors. Dancing rays. Depth and dimension. Jump into the moment and take a walk in the light ...

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