„NATURAL ROMANCE in PINK - October Floral Garden Sweet Feminine Colorful Rainbow Romance Valentines Flowers Painting“

aus der Galerie von Ebi Emporium
Über dieses Bild:

Do you LOVE bold, vibrant rainbow hues, and adore the color PINK? In honor of the month of October (and a loved one of mine who survived), I've adjusted my original painting image for a special release. Please enjoy :D

Title: “Natural Romance in PINK” Original Colorful Floral Acrylic Painting

Artist: Julia Di Sano – Owner/Artist of Ebi Emporium

This image is based on the original painting create from sale on Ebi Emporium on Etsy. The OOAK painting is currently available for sale.

Shades of light sky blue, royal blue, navy blue, white, pale baby pink, crimson red, magenta pink, ochre yellow, sand-tone tan, peach, sunshine yellow, red, neon yellow, plum purple, bright orange, turquoise, kelly green, sap green ALL WITH A PINK UNDERTONE
 Ebi Emporium holds all rights and copyright to this image.    Textural but thin paint application; illustrative brushstrokes and style  Upscale artwork suitable for nearly any room decor, and can be oriented in several ways to suit your taste.    This would be a perfect addition to any home, especially for those who celebrate the STUNNING COLOUR of SUMMER - no matter what month it is! This painting would be the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves bright colors! It's a real WOW statement piece, that's for sure. Share the color love :)

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