„Omo River, Southwest Ethiopia, Ethiopia (Nigel Pavitt)“

aus der Galerie von John Warburton-Lee Photography
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Ethiopia, Southwest Ethiopia, Omo River. A Dassanech man in full tribal regalia participates in a dance during a month-long ceremony. He wears a cheetah skin draped on his backs and a black ostrich-feather headdress. He dances holding a long stick and a simulated shield. His face is smeared with mud giving him a singular appearance.The Dassanech people live in the Omo Delta of southwest Ethiopia, one of the largest inland deltas in the world. It is also one of the least accessible and least developed parts of East Africa. As such, the culture, social organization, customs and values of the people have changed less than elsewhere.The Dassanech speak a language of Eastern Cushitic origin. They practice animal husbandry and fishing as well as agriculture.

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