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An original fine art computer-generated image; accomplished in a contemporary style...
I paint both realist and digital abstracts. My digital abstracts are of design and colors. My realist pieces express "motif". To me, the art piece motif (its basic intention and meaning) in traditional-modern art is important; that is, the art piece must be more than just be a piece of wall decoration. My motifs are influenced by impressionist ideas, fundamentally based on views of real life and real people. (For more about "motif", go here:

For custom-printed copies, please contact me. For more pictures, custom signed prints, and my own review of "traditional-modern" art and "real-life motif", here are some links:

- (paintings & prints)
- (Original Fine Art Nude Paintings and Digital Art)
- (home decor examples)
- (review of online fine art)
- (Traditional-Modern painting)  blogs...  -  -  -  google+, with a circle "traditional modern art"; you can find me by searching on google+, g linsenmayer  Or, online, search "g linsenmayer"...  

Bildnummer: 7b6846c
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