„Save our planet. Polar Bear“

aus der Galerie von Christian Seebauer
Über dieses Bild:

Oil Painting Polar Bear,
The artist sets the lonely and lost-looking polar bear in front of a rich, warm yellow, which seems to drift off into the oppressive seeming infinity on an ice floe. The play of colors between the cool and expected for an Arctic motif blue tones in transition with warm ocher / yellow tones seems unusual and yet it is a direct allusion to global warming, which can not be expressed more drastically. At first glance, the motif "polar bear" appears peaceful and completely harmonious. But after only a few glimpses, the viewer becomes aware of the deadly inevitability of the motif: a polar bear who will not find his way back. A Speizies that is threatened with extinction. No wave breaks through this eerie silence of the work. The ice shelf is hinted at in the distance only as a white line on the horizon. That would be her, the home of the polar bear. The "Polar Bear" of 2010 is an artistic exploration of the consequences of climate change. Oil on canvas. Or: horror on canvas. Seebauer's environmentally and socially critical works are not for the faint-hearted.

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