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Divinely spiritual figures loom out from an ashen darkness with
piercing eyes. Lean, feminine figures in dynamic poses peer back at us
unequivocally, splaying out graceful wings and sharpened horns. Yet,
beneath their provocative posturing they exude a veiled benevolence
and hope. Enter the world of visionary artist, Peter Martin, a painter
who revels in the crossroads of divinity and evil, beauty and horror.
His work is profoundly expressive, employing a fiery palette and
dramatic stylization rooted in his early interest in Caravaggio.
References to Sumerian, Greek, and Judeo-Christian lore abound. There
is a raw, primeval quality to the works speaking not only of the
supernatural but of ageless questions. "Must not one sometimes show  evil in order to facilitate the good?" he states. Martin works with  mixed media or acrylic creating large artworks that loom over  audiences, signifying power and unearthly experience. Martin has  exhibited his distinctive breed of art in his native Austria, Germany, Poland and the United States. He resides in Linz, Austria.    Opening exhibition New York    

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