„Shroomy Crocosect“

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drawing originally created with "fantasy genesis." There is a group dedicated to this art/role-playing-style drawing game that my good friend, brutha' chuck lukacs created for the world to play out in pictorial form.

i added the color digitally.

the shroomy crocosect has a bizarre musculature, with greatly increased mobility around its abdominal and thoracic areas. tripple jointed in a way. the abdomen serves as a sort of over-sized mandible. the legs, thorax, and neck have a scaly surface, while the shoulder and head areas have a spongier appearance. it walks at a height of about 25 feet, it's length can range from 30-60 feet because it has the ability to fold itself in and out, similar to a worm with wildly varying body segments. the shroomy crocosect spends its leisure time slowly slithering with minimal muscular effort, with watchful eyes. it sleeps angled so the whites of the top pair of eyes can't be seen. these two occular organs maintain consciousness.

the antennae eyes occasionally cause problems, because as the eye communicates with the rest of the creature, the creature is stunned into the eyes' focus. its view is temporarily transported into that consciousness alone.

but it serves the shroomy crocosect well in hunting. as it slips forward it folds itself in and tips forward until it appears to be a moss lump with amazingly large, attractive mushroom. the eyes lay in wait, and prepare the body for what it needs to do as it eases it awake. it takes over as the other eyes slowly sputter open. a very unemotional animal, since the work is always done when it goes to eat. a slacker/achiever duality. (if politics could only be explained so simply...)

the downside to this is when the eyes notice something during the day while the others are collecting information. its a temporary blindspot that causes confused action as it perceives a single separate reality momentarily. a reality that the rest of it hasn't come to yet. in a fight, its size is the only thing that saves it from death. as it is about average size in shant (shant being a universe that has yet to reach fruition).    

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