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aus der Galerie von Nanni Harbordt
Über dieses Bild:

The photo was taken with a Holga 120 CN and a FujiColor Reala 100. The use-by date stamp from the film was June 2011. A special from this model is the flashlight with colored interlayers. This is a multi exposure on the sunny day without the flash. You get this effect, if you take more than one shots of the same film section.

The Holga is an analog medium format camera, which was developed in the beginning of the 80s in Hong Kong. It is a simple plastic camera with an untempered meniscus lens. Meniscus lenses were already used in camera obscuras. The Holga has a 60 mm prime lense. The camera was marked for less money for everybody. Holga photos have characteristical features, which shall be deemed as errors in the classical photography. Some features are: - deformations - aberations - unexpected incidences of light (the camera body is not tight, some day was black tape attached to the camera buy) - double exposures - if you have taped the body, it is difficult to control the film transport - blurring or fuzziness because of incorrect exposures, incorrect selected distances or the quality of the lense like the Lomo became the Holga a completely cult status. Today you can buy Holga objektives for digital cameras or you can find similar features in the Nik Collection (a plug-in for Photoshop).

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