„The Laughing Cow Pop 4 Wallpaper - Pink on Purple“

aus der Galerie von Peter Potamus
Über dieses Bild:

Pink on Purple. Pop Art variation over the classic icon "La Vache qui Rit" (The Laughing Cow) inspired by the Andy Warhol Cow Wallpaper Pink on Purple.

Warholl’s wallpapers are not and have never been, commercially available. They have only used in museum installations of Warhol’s work.

My first versión of his work Pink on Purple COW was published in 2010 and his wallpaper is now first abailable at very high resolution for high quality printing at big size.

The Laughing Cow is present in 136 countries on five continents. She has become al icon, particularly in France where a museum “La Maison de La vache qui rit” (The Laughing Cow House), is dedicated to brand.

"The Laughing Cow" "Die lachende Kuh “ "Al-Baqara Ad-Dahika" "Veselá kráva" "Krówka ?mieszka" "Nevet? tehén" "La vaca que ríe" "A vaca que ri" "V?cu?a vesel?" "?????? ???????" "??????? ???????" "Den Skrattande Kon" "Den leende ko" "La vache qui rit" "? ??????? ??? ????" "I Agelada pou Gela" "Gülen ?nek" "???" "???" "Ilay omby vavy mifaly" "???????" "Rafingu Kau" "La Mucca che ride" "Con Bò C??i" "Sapi Ceria"  

Bildnummer: 78a2400

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