„The Leawood Pump House, Cromford“

aus der Galerie von Rod Johnson
Über dieses Bild:

The Leawood Pump House, beside the Derwent Aqueduct at Cromford in Derbyshire, England. This Grade II listed building, built in 1849, houses a Watt-type beam engine which was used to pump water from the River Derwent up to the Cromford Canal. The huge pump can deliver 39,000 tons of water in 24 hours and it worked from 1849 until the canal closed in 1944. In 1979 the pump was restored and it is still run occasionally.

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Very interesting and nice impression with the green around the building and the dark red doors ... congrats!
Best wishes, Irmi
Rod Johnson 2016-12-07 10:20:38 UTC
(Künstler des Bildes)
Thank you, Irmi; very much appreciated.
Best wishes,
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