„this time prepared -o- shelter (16)“

aus der Galerie von Nanni Harbordt
Über dieses Bild:

The photo was taken with a Holga 120 CN and a Agfa Optima 100-Y. The use-by date stamp from the film was August 2007.

A special from this model is the flashlight with colored interlayers.This shot is without flashlight.

If you take more than one shots of the same film section, you get a multi exposure.

The Holga is an analog medium format camera, which was developed in the beginning of the 80s in Hong Kong. It is a simple plastic camera with an untempered meniscus lens. Meniscus lenses were already used in camera obscuras. The Holga has a 60 mm prime lense. The camera was marked for less money for everybody. Holga photos have characteristical features, which shall be deemed as errors in the classical photography. Some features are: - deformations - aberations - unexpected incidences of light (the camera body is not tight, some day was black tape attached to the camera buy) - double exposures - if you have taped the body, it is difficult to control the film transport - blurring or fuzziness because of incorrect exposures, incorrect selected distances or the quality of the lense Like the Lomo became the Holga a completely cult status. Today you can buy Holga objektives for digital cameras or you can find similar features in the Nik Collection (a plug-in for Photoshop).

Bildnummer: 30b8aac
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