„View of the full Earth and four storm systems.“

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September 3, 2008 - Full Earth showing four storm systems in the Atlantic and one in the Pacific. Near the African coast, Tropical Storm Josephine was slowly losing power under the influence of dry air and contrary winds. The storm is little more than a cluster of clouds in this image. Hurricane Ike is the most well-established storm in the image. The tight circle of bright clouds was an intensifying tropical storm that would reach hurricane status with winds near 130 kilometers per hour (80 miles per hour). Next in line is Tropical Storm Hanna. Formerly a hurricane, Hanna weakened into a tropical storm. The sprawling storm was intensifying as it moved northwest over the Bahamas. The final two storms are tropical depressions. Gustav sits nearly stationary over Arkansas. Despite having been over land for two days, the storm maintains its circular shape. More benign is Tropical Depression Karina, west of Baja California.

Wolfgang Johann Suhadolnik gefiel dieses Kunstwerk 2016-03-20 16:39:09 UTC

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