„WDVMM - 0178 - Slink“

aus der Galerie von wetdryvac
Über dieses Bild:

I work a lot in inverted colors. There’s a meditative quality to tracking what color becomes what, and what intensity means from the positive to negative. I suppose I could be all proper-artist about it, but frankly the process came from two places: The desire to save on black paint, and the desire to have rich colors against a black background.

When I started out, it was bloody difficult, and I figured that to solve one problem I was creating a much bigger secondary one – but I started at a time when digital scanners were just coming onto the market, and didn’t actually find anyone doing anything terribly similar. So, I stuck with it. Now, well – I see almost anything I look at in terms of positive and negative color as well as space.

It would be cool if this meant I saw the world differently from everyone else, but... most of the time I end up going mad trying to remember if I’m seeing what other people are. On the up-side, I absolutely adore creating the inversions, and sharing them with folks. Thus, for you – whomever you are – some art. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

-Wetdryvac –

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