„Will Be The Revolt The Legitimate Means For That A People Reject The Oppressive Power And Implant The Justice And The Peace?“

aus der Galerie von Paulo Zerbato
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Never quench of war, ambitious rulers, dictators, authoritarian, riots, rebels, revolution, civil war, revolutionary, opposition to the government, political regimes oppressors, military repression, attacks, armed clashes, armed struggles, strikes, outages , protests, armed conflict, mobilization of society, crises in the financial system, widespread frustration, free people, injustice, violence, great transformation, changes in the country, a movement of revolt against an established power, promote deep changes in political institutions, change the economy, changing cultural and moral, ideological motivation, mass mobilization, regime change, peace, ideals, Paulo Zerbato.

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Let us build a new vision
of future and humanity!
Thank you very much for the in-put!
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