Abdulkerim Keskin

Abdulkerim Keskin

I m living in: Turkey - Istanbul
My nationalitiy is: Kazakh (Kazakhistan)

I love charakter design. My style is light heroic fantasy.

Work experiances:
5 years newspaper graphic designer
1 year Game studio experiance for nintendo
2 years Multimedia special graphic designer
1 year Kid magazines for comics wirate and drawing
And many freelance works

Character designs, backround designs, 2D animations,
graphics, collages, illustrations, web designs, tv advertisaments banners, web flash advertisaments, 3D infographics, 3D stand designs, flash animations, kid magazine Advertisements.

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Abdulkerim Keskin hat das Bild The Legent Saviors hochgeladen

A fantasy epic characters on chibi style.

Abdulkerim Keskin hat das Bild Strange rat hochgeladen

A truly memorable design.. You will feel traditional pencil art with this drawing skill.

Abdulkerim Keskin hat das Bild Elemental Fairys hochgeladen

Three elements of nature's most well-known in super cute and cool fairy stayle. They will be give a good mood to you all days.