Adrian Hillman

Adrian Hillman

Scouring the city of Bangkok I search for the beautiful, compelling details of urbanity that invariably get ignored by others as ugly byproducts of city life. Eyesores such as rusty metal; cracked, grime-encrusted walls, and splattered or peeling paint are amongst my favourite sources for artwork. In themselves, they can be quite stunning when looked at in detail and isolated from the reality of the urban degradation that they directly represent, but then with a little help they can take on a new dimension of representational art of quite surprising complexity and vividness.

The pictures here are the results of me poking around the backstreets and roadsides of Bangkok (and elsewhere).Being surrounded by worn-out infrastructure and shoddy workmanship does have its good side!

I encourage everybody to take a second (closer) look at such seemingly unsightly urban details. You may just be surprised at what jumps out at you.


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