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Andreas Christodoulou

I'm a Graphics / Web Designer and Developer who enjoys writing articles on technology and other topics. An Entrepreneur, a Professional Mechanical Engineer and a certified Google's Partner (AdWords) / SEO Consultant who runs a number of companies.

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Ja was soll ich großartig über mich erzählen

Ich bin 56 Jahre noch mit jedem Tag werde ich Älter aber das stört mich nicht weil ich auch immer etwas reifer werde

Mein Leben sind die Bilder ich versuche meine Welt immer wieder neu zu entdecken

Tretet ein in Meine Kleine Welt vielleicht findet Ihr ja was was euch gefällt

Ihr könnte diese Bilder in bester Qualität Euch hier ausdrucken lassen ich wünsche Euch viele Freude beim Betrachten

Wenn das was hier zu sehen bekommt nicht gefällt so schaut doch bei einem meiner Künstlerkollegen vorbei auch die freuen sich über Euren Besuch

Und hier noch was von mir

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... captured moments! ... see more:

Franco Franceschi is a very much appreciated photographer. His interests sweep from fashion to architecture; from landscape to yachting. Yet his images continuously possess the common characteristic of focussing on the particular without distracting from the whole.
He was born in Bologna, Italy and after having had the experience of being an assistant in a painter’s studio he left university and dedicated himself to photography. He began as a travel photographer and then in the late seventies he opened a studio specialising exclusively in fashion and portraits. His fashion photography is characterised by a strong emotional impact coupled with perfect fusion between the person shot and the enviroment surrounding her.
He is fundamentally a fine art photographer and within the world of fashion he has proposed images that at times were in disaccord with the trends of the moment whilst still remaining elegant, sophisticated and sensual. Having intuited that fashion photography could never have a precise style of its own thanks to its being overly subjected to imposed rules, he began creating his own style, drawing inspiration from the great cinema classics and from paintings of the nineteen hundreds (specially Methafics Age). His photos have been published in more than 2,500 pages and on dozen of fashion magazine covers
From the turn of the Century he dedicates all his time to personal research towards producing images free from constraint where he can express his mode of perceiving the world that surrounds him and the environment where he lives.
In his architectual photos he carried out an investigation into the nineteen hundreds from which he published a monograph. At the present he is carrying out details of architectonic design for naval construction (especially regarding large yachts), modern Architecture, Nature.
These images have been on show at personal exhibitions in Italy (Bologna, Castellina Chianti, Lilliano, Zola,), Argentina (Santiago del Estero), Bulgaria (Sofia), Denmark (Copenhagen), France (Grenoble, Lille), Lithuania (Vilnius, Nida), Croatia (Osijek), Slovenia (Izòla, Lubjana), Perù (Lima), Poland (Warsaw) and the U.S. (San Francisco).
In 2004 he was awarded the ‘Special Prize’ by the Jury at the Orvieto International Festival for his monograph on architecture from the nineteen hundreds. In 2008 and 2009 he received the Art Majeur Silver Award.
Being profoundly convinced that art should have no boundaries at present he wishes to move away from Italy so as to gain professional experience in other countries.
Valeria Billy Presse Office

Grafikdesigner, Autor und Fotograf

Bitte beachten Sie auch meine Sets!

Ich freue mich auf interessante Begegnungen hier, mit Menschen, Meinungen und Bildern.

Harald Fischer

Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

I've been working on photography for many years. Here I'm going to show some of my carefully composed calendar works of the last 8 years.
If you are open minded, you may feel the spirit behind the mirror. Open your eyes and you will sense light, space, and color. Everything designated to be natural transforms itself to supernatural, everything real to surreal.
I've often tried to remaster myself digitally. In consequence, I began to create unknown visual worlds. If you're interested in my latest imaginative artwork, please visit my calendar compositions of 2013 and leave a comment:

Welcome and thanks for having a look at my portfolio! I'm an Austrian emerging photographer living in Berlin, Germany. My interests range from travel photography, long exposure shots to black and white. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any requests you may have regarding my works. Just e-mail me: tkeuschn [at] googlemail [dot] com . Thank you!

Welcome to my portfolio and one love to all you kind people! is an independent graphic art and sound studio in Houten, the Netherlands. My studio is part of the Senna movement, a society of artists and free thinkers in the process of creation.

I've been a professional photographer since 1995, working for many Dutch newspapers, magazines, private customers and organizations. I also taught photography classes. I mostly work on personal projects now.

My topics are people, nature and anything else that touches my heart. I love high contrasts in every meaning. In light, colours, music, art in general and among people.

Please enjoy and feel free to contact me via my site

One love, Stefan

Franz Hergl - geboren 1927 - gestorben 2009

Nach über 2 Jahren Arbeit endlich fertig: der künstlerische Nachlass von Franz Hergl.
Sein komplettes Lebenswerk exklusiv bei Artflakes.

Franz Hergl - born 1927 - died 2009

After more than two years of work done at last: the artistic estate of Franz Hergl.
His entire life's work exclusively by Artflakes.


My preferred method is paperwork. I’m creating collages by using different kinds of illustrations, such as newspaper, books or calendars. For this handcraft I need good scissors and glue. I’m not using digital processing in my works.

My source of inspiration is life itself. Every encounter means inspiration. To express the vital forces is my intention.

When I start a new work, there is nothing I’m thinking of, no idea. It’s a flow. My intuition is leading me.

When the work is finished, I’m always surprised of the result. It’s a journey.

Image Composer and Photographer !

I am...
The number was born online, december 2002.

It is the number I find hardest to remember.

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This blog has to do about important things affecting our modern real and digital life : Art Designs and Tutorials (Wallpapers, Concepts, Logotypes, Typography, Vectors, Brushes, etc.), 3D Modelling (3DS Max, Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor etc.), Softwares, Themes - Skins for PCs & Smartphones, Hacking - Cracking - Patching, Current & Future Tehnology (Micro & Nano), Cars & Modifications, Movies, General news and Best buys !

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