Anna Miller

Anna Miller

Ok, so I figured- the first thing here should be a bit about me so here it is:

Photography is one of many artforms which are of interest to me . My initial interest in art started with drawing and painting ever since childhood which I spent in culturally rich Poland. My first 2 years of college were spent at Vincennes University exploring techniques of drawing, painting and design. A serious interest in photography was sparked with two photography classes I took at VU. That interest was further developed at Herron and expanded into digital imaging, which blossomed into the passion it is today. I like to draw on the inspiration of the traditional mediums like oils and watercolors of the master painters and blending them with the unlimited freedom of the digital medium. I admire painters such as Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O'Keeffe and Rembrandt among others. My photographic muses are Maplethorpe, Josef Sudak, Imogen Cunningham, surrealist Jerry Ulesmann and a great landscape photographer and a friend- Ron Leonetti (

Some past exhibits in Indianapolis include "Travel Indiana" competition and exhibit at the Indiana Historical Society, "Orchard In Bloom" art and garden fair, Indiana Festival at Conner Prairie and ORANJE art and music show.

In the past I presented my work at a gallery exhibit at Broad Strokes Photo Gallery, which featured my large flower images printed on canvas. My select Indianapolis images were released as postcards by Indiana GeoGraphics. My work is also present at Indiana State Museum and Indiana Convention and Visitors Association is continually pleased with the Indianapolis and Indiana images. Nationally my work has been featured by Avanti Cards and also in Popular Photography magazine. In 2003 one of the projects included working with WISH TV 8 on new images for their news set.

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