Asrar Al-Najjar

Asrar Al-Najjar

Asrar Al-Najjar was born in Kuwait City, Kuwait. Her relation with the camera had unconsciously been growing ever since her childhood. It all began by documenting family events and gatherings. Her passion for photography was only admitted few years back while attending Kuwait University for her undergraduate degree in architecture.

A hobbyist turning into a semi-pro photographer, Asrar participated in many university photography exhibitions that succeeded in getting the attention of not only the academic staff, but also the public. Editors of promoted many of her photos.

Asrar's collections are fruits of her work from all around the world. She captured photos from international sites and cities, like Texas, Paris, London, Cairo, Istanbul and especially, her hometown Kuwait City.

Asrar photos were sold for and exhibited at Al-Fanar Complex (Kuwait), also, private designers and clients. Currently, asrar is focusing on shooting for photography projects for local clients and online sales for the world wide web market.

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