Ioana Sopov

Ioana Sopov

I am a young illustrator and designer based in Bucharest.

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Ioana Sopov hat das Bild The Spring Cortege hochgeladen

The Spring Cortege, announcing warmer days and nights.

Ioana Sopov hat das Bild Tempest hochgeladen

A remix of a color study I did for portraits, crafted into an image of a winter storm in a forest with two figures caught in the blizzard.

Ioana Sopov hat das Bild Trei Ceasuri Rele hochgeladen

An illustration for a poster, playing on the meaning of the romanian expression ”trei ceasuri rele” - literally three evil clocks.

Ioana Sopov folgt jetzt ouble

Born in Rm Valcea a small city in Romania moved to Bucharest at 12 got into rollerblading and that shaped my life till now.

At the moment studing at Design Academy Eindhoven...

Ioana Sopov hat das Bild Winter Emerging hochgeladen

Cold season nostalgia.

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.
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Ioana Sopov hat das Bild Woodland decomposition hochgeladen

A collage-type illustration with animal and abstract elements.

Ioana Sopov hat das Bild Eve hochgeladen

Eve - the title pretty much says it all I believe.

Ioana Sopov hat das Bild The Rule of Thirds hochgeladen

The rule of thirds, an illustration that plays on the lion as a symbol of power.