Anna Dyczka

Anna Dyczka

I'm an Architect but my free time I fill with this fun and colourfull illustrations. I've started doing them for friends and familly and got encouraged to share them with the world. Hope you like them...

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Ich bin Schachnas und lebe auf dem Planeten die Erde aber ist in Aserbaidschan geboren worden. Ich zeichne von sechs Jahren, und dieses Interesse gibt mir das große Glück. Daraufhin habe ich die Aserbaidshanische Akademie der Künste beendet. Aber das größte Vergnügen bekomme ich wenn ich in der Werkstatt arbeite. Das Ziel besteht darin, was der Berufe, nützlich der Gesellschaft zu sein.

Designer /Brand Whore /Travel

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Hi! My name is Kotryna, aka KATA. I am developing my small illustration business KATA KIOSK and you can see how it goes at , also you can take a look to my professional portfolio at, or blog at

I'm looking for a Representative for editorial commissions for British/European/North America market and you can contact me at katrez (@)

My name is Franco Viglino, I was born the 19th August1986 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
I am an illustrator and graphic designer, I draw comics too. I did the art for two indy comics for USA. (Bryan and Bobby , graphic novel 120 pages graphic novel, and Corpus Christy and the black capped girls , 4 issues miniserie).
I also did freelance stuff for digital media and school books.

Hello I am Paola , I love create, I spent all of
my childhood and part of youth in cold Patagonia, Argentina.
I studied arts and design in Buenos Aires.
I lived in Buenos Aires, Palermo till 2007 then I moved to Villa Giardino, Cordoba, where I am living till now, with my hubby and daughter , 3 dogs and one cat!
I love challenges and discover new ways to create.
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Contemporary Doll Collector ( Julio 2009)
Frankie Magazine Autralia ( interview, Mayo 2009)
Small Magazine ( doll review)
The doll collector (...

I'm an Character designer,illustrator,fashion illustrator who live in berlin currently.Loves vintage stuff, watching movies and listening to 60-70s rock music


short movie"nancy's morning" 2008

children's book" Red Bird" 2010

Anna Dyczka hat das Bild chicken hochgeladen

Easter greeting card

Anna Dyczka hat das Bild chickens hochgeladen

Easter greeting card

Anna Dyczka hat das Bild Easter eggs hochgeladen

Easter greeting card

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Easter greeting card

Anna Dyczka hat das Bild agnus hochgeladen

easter greeitng card

Anna Dyczka hat das Bild chicks hochgeladen

easter/spring greeting card