Beatriz Chamussy

In this time of continuous transformation, it’s a pleasure for me to slow down and draw. I feel inspired by puzzles, labyrinths, basil smell, bicycles, sailboats, constellations, maps, trees, board games, patterns in nature, human emotions, rhythm and unanswered questions.

I live in a Ferris wheel, continually rotating, rising and falling.

My art talks about life adventures and experiences. I draw stories, objects and places I don’t want to forget. I think of my art as a way to transmit and communicate the knowledge I have received from friends and insightful people I’ve met through the time.

Some of my pieces try to depict an ideal world, a dreamland, or a mixture of the worlds where I have lived in and worlds that would be fun if they existed.

The purpose of Art is to feel, to nourish our spirit, to get in contact with our emotions, to remember that we are alive (sometimes it seems that we've forgotten). Art provides a way to experience one's self in relation to the universe.

If you are in love with life, if you have a place in your home, or if you are thinking to make an inspiring gift to a friend, you are very welcome to buy one of my drawings!

If you'd like to explore more of what I do, please visit my website at

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