ambroise catherine

ambroise catherine

"Je ne pretend pas connaitre quoi que ce soit concernant le paradis ou l'enfer mais j'ai l'intime conviction que Dieu aime les blaireuax." Nathan Myers

Drawing has always been part of my life since i was born in a French town named Caen in 1987. Graphic expression is my way to show the world what's running through my insane mind. Beauty or the subjectivity of liking the way things look has never been my goal. I strive to represent ideas and emotions through characters and interactions...and if some think it's beautiful, it's even better.

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It started by the idea of a sun with loose hair and the rest is inspiration flowing.

ambroise catherine hat das Bild humeurs hochgeladen

span of mood anf feelings

ambroise catherine hat das Bild going to Phoenix hochgeladen

Brett, an american man who loves france is going to move to Phoenix...

Just another young and talented, penniless artist searching for her place in history.

Masha is interested in all forms of creativity but due to shallow pockets and limited time, she has been focusing on her art work. She specializes in digital paintings and enjoys drawing, but not limited to, portraits and still life. She hopes you enjoy her work and would be ecstatic if you support her.

All paintings are 100% created in Artrage, for more information on the program please visit

Image Composer and Photographer !

London based designer/illustrator who likes alpine, kitsch, kawaii, snow, vintage, Matryoshka dolls, British nostalgia and Japanese craziness.

Maria ist eine freiberufliche Kinderbuchillustratorin und Animationskünstlerin. Sie lebt und arbeitet in Ludwigsburg.