Christine Maddern

Christine Maddern

Ach, wie schade! Wenn Du diesen Text siehst, bedeutet das, dass Christine Maddern bisher noch nichts über sich verraten hat. Wir hoffen sehr, dass sich das ganz schnell ändert!

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Delight. Passion. Live. Nature.
A journalist who loves taking pictures.

Estou aqui para passar essa experiencia inesquecível para vocês, espero que gostem.

I was born in Portugal 1988 in the same day as Hérge, Sweet Child O' Mine was in the top 5 best selling singles and Nico died in a bicycle related accident.
I like drawing comics, I've done it for TV, magazines, websites and lately for the Lisbon Metropolitan Transit System.
Also I had my work published in various anthologies and zines.

Sonu Ranjan, India based artist work with the name ''Arpaen".it Explore the colors and images of incredible Indian Madhubani painting, continuously dedicated for keeping the art alive with practical, contemporary and traditional development.
Bachelor in Fashion design, His field of work comprises graphical art work, illustrations, photography, concept and costume designs as well.

Young architect from Romania, interested in most things visual and graphic.

I'm a brazilian artist who loves nature, animals and all the pretty things of life. My art is inspired by all those things. I'm also a proud mother of two cats.

I’m an independent artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

I am a UK based freelance illustrator, specialising in picture books and digital illustration

Based in Melbourne, Michael works across graphics, online media, video and photography.

Welcome to S. Bruett ́s Photographs

Photography is my great passion. To see how I see these things... Stefan

Robert Scholten is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia.

For nearly two decades, Nigel Van Wieck has been evolving a distinctive idiom firmly rooted in the tradition of American realism. He offers glimpses of classic Americana, his are solitary figures, often recalling the loners once celebrated by Edward Hopper. Van Wieck exhibits in the United States and Europe.

Brandon Friend was born in Flushing, NY on April 20, 1980. He attended The University of Maryland College Park in 1998 where he studied in the Honors Art Program and received a BA degree in Fine Art. In 2002, Friend began his professional career with two solo exhibitions in Washington, D.C and Baltimore, MD. In 2008, he received his MFA degree in Fine Art from CUNY Queens College and currently works in his Long Island City studio. Friend’s works have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, including Seattle, WA; Kansas City, MO; New Orleans, LA; Austin, TX; Short Hills, NJ; New York, New York. In 2011 and 2012 his works were showcased with Lambert Arts in Fountain Art Fair, NY and Fountain Art Fair, Miami. He has been featured in several print and online publications such as The Washington Post, The Knight News, Working Class Magazine, The Daily Record, The Pitch Kansas City, Radar,,,,, and

Im Jahre 1961 in Schleswig-Holstein geboren.
Ab 1986 handwerkliche Ausbildung zum Fotografen (analog!).
1988 und 1992 ausführliche Fotoreisen in Asien.
Seit 1994 freiberuflicher Grafiker in Hamburg.
Verheiratet, zwei Söhne.
Ich beschäftige mich seit meinem 15. Lebensjahr mit der Fotografie und fand damals ein Vorbild insbesondere in Anselm Adams.

Creative Director and Photographer.