Christine Fitzgerald

Christine Fitzgerald

I live Cornwall in the beautiful southwest of England, but travel the USA a lot on my motorcycle in the summer, and also spend a lot of time in the Canary Islands - so you will see photos from all sorts of places in my portfolio.

I love all genres of photography - but especially black and white or simply-toned images .

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”One of my very favourites Simon“
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Collected whilst walking in the park - a feather from a swan and a beautiful autumn flower, schizostylis coccinea - common name 'Jennifer'

Schizostylis deserves to be much better known for its ability to bloom in autumn and puts on a good show despite worsening weather. The plants resemble small clumps of fragile gladioli with long thin foliage and upright flower-spikes, each topped by several flowers like wide open crocus.

Taken on a Nikon D800 with a Leitz, Summicron 90mm F2 lens

I've always wanted to be able to capture the beauty in what I see when out and about, whether this is walking along the local beach at sunrise, walking the dogs through a local wood, climbing mountains in the lake district or travelling around New York on holiday. This driving force to accurately portray what I'm seeing and feeling at the time hopefully comes across in my photography

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Low tide on the beautiful Portreath beach. Portreath is a small village on the rugged northern coast of Cornwall, UK