Thomas Klomp

Thomas Klomp

Everything is beautiful. You just have to look a little bit closer! My name is Thomas and i come from the eastern part of Holland. Photography is something i have 'learned' through the years. I'm always trying to find that special angle to shoot the picture. Landscapes and water are my favorite subjects.

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Andre Blom: Photographer
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Thomas Klomp hat das Bild Cables kommentiert
”Mooie foto andré. Je bent ook gek op het gebouw aan de rand van Houten zie ik!“
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Thomas Klomp hat das Bild Drops of Jupiter hochgeladen

These drops, in the colours of Jupiter are a wonder of nature. In an ordinary kitchen sink they appear. No one takes times to look closer.....untill now!

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Thomas Klomp hat das Bild Glass Of Water kommentiert
”Beautiful picture......(wipe your glass before the click...your fingerprint is a bit to obvious) ;)“
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I eat photography for breakfast, man!

Lust auf Leben -
Fotos aus sinnlichem Erleben -
laut und leise -
sinnig und hintersinnig -
Hingabe und Reflektion -
Lust und Wonne -
Schmerz und Schrei -
normal und jenseits des Gewohnten -
mit Lust und Freude -

I live in Vienna and I am studying Photography at Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt.

I am very passionate about art and music and being an artist is what defines me.

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This cross, found near the city of Deventer is found in a farm field. Probably Celtic but not certain. There is a myth surrounding the stone figure. Remove it and you will have a life filled with dispaere and unlucky events.
People tried.....houses caught fire, diseases, dead animals, ghosts they put it back. The age is probably 7 centuries. The text on it is never understood

Hallo und herzlich willkommen!

Ich beschäftige mich seit 2006 mit der Fotografie. Meine Bilder sind zum Teil ganz normale Fotografien. Ein Teil davon bearbeite ich digital und verfremde sie.

I am a 20 years old photographer from Latvia with Russian origin, currently living in UK. I mainly focused on abstract photography, city and architecture, landscapes. Recently I had an interest in sports photography.

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”Beautiful shot! Sharp nose, no eyes....good job!“
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clockhouse hat das Bild Panorama Schiermonnikoog hochgeladen

On the island of Schiermonnikoog, one of the 'wadden' islands in Holland this stormcloud is threatening the dunes and beaches. A clourfull, warm picture, because of the grasses, clouds and sand around.

clockhouse hat das Bild Panorama Lake Harris hochgeladen

This is a panoramic view from the top of Conical Hill on the South island of New Zealand. The lake is Lake Harris. Depth unknown.

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Upside down on a leaf

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One of the Moeraki Boulders on the shore of the Pacific in New Zealand.

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A bridge over the Vecht river (Holland). Reflections in the water from the lights make this picture very warm.

clockhouse hat das Bild Panorama Seljanlandsfoss hochgeladen

Panoramic view of the Seljaland waterfall in the South of Iceland.