Michal Bílý

Michal Bílý

Hi, mostly I'm illustrator and photographer, but I'm also interested in graphic. I studied art high school from 2007 to 2011 and now I prepare myself for university. It will be quite a journey.

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Illustrated poster for 30th anniversary of movie The Thing (1982).

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Star Wars pencil poster hochgeladen

I realize that this piece is not perfect, i made some mistakes when i was drawing it, but it was my passion project and i love it even it's not perfect.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Formidable Hunt hochgeladen

Hunt for something from beyond inside a mysterious mist.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Journey Ends hochgeladen

Nice sunset fishing scene.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Pastel Sky hochgeladen

One bautiful morning over the Prague.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Forum hochgeladen

I just saw this spectacular view on Wien square and it was interesting to see people just like pigeons swarming all over the place.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Pyramids hochgeladen

One of my more abstract pieces.

Beautiful little butterfly rests on his little leaf :-)

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Ice Architecture hochgeladen

Super macro of ice structure.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild Princess of Mars hochgeladen

Cover illustration for first book in John Carter series by Edgar R. Burroughs named Princess of Mars.

Michal Bílý hat das Bild LEGACY hochgeladen

Photo is refering to fact that after human kind will be gone, sad legacy can left behind us.