Damien Schumann

Damien Schumann

Damien Schumann bought his first camera before entering Burma and shot his first rolls of film in an orphanage in a Buddhist monastery while hiding from immigration (2001). These images became his first published work.

In late 2003 he set out to put a face to emerging Africa. He hitchhiked from Cape Town to Palestine - eating, sleeping, travelling and simply being as the average person does in the given area. Balala, his first exhibition was launched on his return.

By his final year of studying he was working with NGOs to build exhibitions for Advocacy and Social Mobilization purposes – still his primary focus today.
Recently his work has been recognised for its visual anthropological value, and has spoken about this at Princeton University and the Centre of Documentary Studies, Duke University. Currently, developments are being made find innovative ways to document and present anthropological studies in pro-active ways. www.dspgallery.com

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