daniel gomez

daniel gomez

About Daniel GomezPhotographer and painter located in Bogota, Colombia. South America.
This year ( 2015 ) I started to give emphasis on doing photography over painting.
My inspiration varies from day to day.
I cover a wide range of subjects. I have been taking photos of everything that comes along.
Lately I been focused in mannequins as a very surreal artistic subject. Mannequins for me
are an ' art form ' and are ' sculptures ' on their own merit.
Some of my photographs became artworks that evolve with creative post processing and editing work.
In many cases my pictures do reflect my own inner self.

I feel honored to be able to communicate with people through my creations.

'We do not remember days; we remember moments' ~ Cesare Pavese
“I can look at a fine art photograph and sometimes I can hear music.”
Ansel Adams

Please feel free to give me any kind of feedback.

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