diana saidova

diana saidova


“In the middle of the night I go walking in my sleep...Through the valley of fear... To a river so deep ... And I've been searching... for something...Taken out of my soul..Something I'd... never lose... Something somebody... stole”.
- From "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel

I find that the only escape from reality and the Grey world is Art in any form, shape or texture. Most of my work may seem dark, and somewhat colorless...But those who will understand... even a Strand of my strokes will see what I see. Black, White and Red are the sole tones I use, the Combination itself is interesting, Black being the shade of night and shadow, White the color of purity and clarity, and Red the color of blood and battle. Together they let me explore and dive in...into my own world... a place of escape and quiet.
...What intoxicates your body Pleasures your Soul...

Ayn Rand is my ideal, and I do believe people can live alone....it's just a matter of time until they crack from solitude, or ...embrace it.

Fashion is my Passion .... Archiecture is an inspiration ... Art is my life.

Read my Diary to uderstand more...

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