Sven K.

Sven K.

I am a self-taught, amateur graphic designer and photographer.

I started to create art with the Software DAZ-3D Studio. By finishing my creations with some postwork, I learned a little about Photoshop and it ?s undreamed-of possibilities.

For me, to produce a piece of art, is something like a compensation to the boring and denaturalising, daily work.

My inspirations I got out of all the things I see and notice all around. Sometimes from other artists and their works as well. But also sometimes it just starts with an idea and something totally different is the result.

While I favour intensive colours, I also discovered the magic of black and white for myself.

I love well-known artist like M.C. Escher, C.D. Friedrich, S. Dali or Luis Royo very much for example .
Some of my numerous interests are: Science, philosophy, psychology, all kind of art, computers and speleology.

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All the framed stuff was created first....and all the unframed copy of it were just adjusted for this platform. That ?s the only reason why you can find both of it here sometimes.


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