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Im Sandsturm

Being CTO of ARTFLAKES I love all kind of illustration and will upload some wired images for testing purposes from time to time.

Sabrina Tibourtine wurde 1979 in Paris geboren und wuchs gut behütet im Sauerland auf. Nach mehreren Europaeskapaden, einem gescheiterten Kunstgeschichts-und-einem geglückten-Designstudium arbeitet sie seit 2005 als freiberufliche Illustratorin und Animatorin unter dem Namen "EINE DER-GUTEN" in Köln. Sabrina Tibourtine lehrte ausserdem an der Hochschule Niederrhein “Animation und Handzeichnung”. ” 2008 gewann sie den Alternativen Medienpreis für ihr Minisprech Projekt.

Hochschule Niederrhein (Kommunikationsdesign)
University of East London (Graphic Design)

Dirk Haas folgt jetzt Kareem Rizk

Born in Australia in 1982, Kareem Rizk is a Melbourne-based collage artist, illustrator and designer who graduated from Monash University in 2004 with a Bachelor in Visual Communication.

After graduating, Rizk’s creative interests began to turn to fine art and illustration, particularly mixed media collage. While working as a Graphic Designer at Melbourne’s No.1 selling newspaper, The Herald Sun, his interest in collage continued to develop and by 2006 it became a focus of his endeavours.

Since his shift of focus to fine art and illustration in 2006 and his pursuit of developing his style, Rizk has gained extensive international recognition and has been noted as one of the contemporary masters of collage, as well as one of the premier mixed media artists working today.

Working mediums include collage, acrylic, oil pastel, pencil, solvent transfers and acrylic transfers. The work is highly textured and often multi-layered with a nostalgic and weathered quality. Rizk’s works can often be vibrant with colour, while others display a very refined or minimal palette.

Working methods also extend to digital collage with a very gritty and realistic display of texture and layering. The digital work began as an experiment in blurring the line between handmade collage and digital collage.

Other work includes freelance illustration, design and art commissions for various clients including news and editorial publications, galleries, university institutes, the boutique fashion industry and the music and entertainment industry.

Exhibitions include solo shows and group shows in Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington DC, Miami, London, Stockholm, Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid and Milan. Rizk's work has been published in numerous high profile art magazines and books and his work is held in private collections worldwide.

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Hi! My name is Kotryna, aka KATA. I am developing my small illustration business KATA KIOSK and you can see how it goes at FB page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kata-Kiosk/175076925843579. Beyond buying my prints here, You can also take a look to my professional portfolio at www.kata-illustration.com, or blog at www.kata-illustration.blogspot.com

I'm looking for a Representative for editorial commissions for British/European/North America market and you can contact me at katrez (@) gmail.com

Dirk Haas folgt jetzt Brooke Weeber

An illustrator and pastry lion living in Portland, Oregon.

Follow me on the twitter machine! http://twitter.com/TheLittleCanoe

Dirk Haas folgt jetzt Ed Book

Ed Book is a freelance nature, landscape, and wildlife photographer with over thirty years photography experience. He makes his home on the Kitsap Peninsula in Puget Sound, Washington state USA and travels throughout the United States following mother nature's displays.

Das Bild finden ist der Anfang, es zu bearbeiten der Weg, es in meinen Augen stimmig fertigzustellen, das Ziel.

Mehr unter www.priskawettstein.ch

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Füsse im High Key

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Nebel legt sich auf die feuchten Wiesen

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Sommerabend im Oldenburger Land

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Blick über eine Wiese bedeckt mit Nebel

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Naturpark Wildeshauser Geest

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Ein Feld im Oldenburger Land

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Ein einsamer Bus am Stadtrand von Kabul in Afghanistan

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Langzeitbelichtung 30Sekunden
Eine Fähre in der Vorbeifahrt

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An einem Sommernachmittag an der Nordsee

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Ein einsamer Strandkorb an der Nordsee