Daniel Portnoy

Daniel Portnoy

Artist’s Statement
Welcome to my website, and thank you for having a look at my photographic art.
Only a few of my pictures are available here. My full gallery is at www.dportnoy.com.

A picture should provoke a feeling. With each photograph I make, my final goal is to create an image that conveys what I sensed and felt and what made me want to press the shutter release to capture that fleeting moment in time or place.
Shooting the picture is often only the start of the creative process. Although I generally do not add or remove anything significant from my pictures, I use many digital imaging techniques to enrich and enhance the final image to mirror my personal impressions and feelings towords the subject.

Seeing and being aware of your surroundings serves as the foundation of my photography. All you have to do is look and I’m always looking.

I was born in 1943 in Finland. My first ‘real’ camera was the Kodak Retina lllc, which I bought with my savings from my summer job in 1958.
In 1962 we moved to Israel where I studied engineering. That same year I also acquired my first SLR, the venerable Nikon Photomic F.
In 1987 I started working as an IT consultant and software developer in Switzerland and since then I spend part of my time in Israel and part in Switzerland.
I have been an avid photographer for most of my life, including a stint as a wedding photographer end of the 1960s. I had my own darkroom and developed all my B&W work myself. In 2004 I went fully digital.
During the past few years I have been able to invest more time in my photography and have participated in several exhibitions (group and single) and have published a few books.
You are welcome to view my photographs on this site.

My full gallery site is here - http://www.dportnoy.com
My photo blog is here -http://blog.portnoy.ch
My facebook page is here - http://www.facebook.com/dpo.photo

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