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Christina Rodriguez

Christina Rodriguez

At 27 years old, I am a graphic designer by trade and fine artist at heart. A full-time college student at The Art Institute of New York City, I am earning my degree in Graphic Design. I am known as an obsessed designer and a compelled artist.

I have enjoyed painting and drawing for the past two years. My media of choice; pastels and charcoal. I adore how this dry media provides me with a very intimate experience. Being able to intergrate myself through touch, feeling the paper through the pastels as it guides me. The whole process of creating becomes a very surreal moment for me...

I have noticed few can have such an appreciation for dry media. So as a result, I seek inspiration from past great pastel artists such as, Schiele, Munch, and Monet. Their beautiful distortions of the human figure and emotions, I cannot help but be enthralled with.

I also enjoy water based media as well, such as watercolors, ink, and coffee. Collage and photomontage are another free unpredictable media I enjoy.

I have been earning my trade in graphic design since I was 14 years old. As an adult I am just now learning the true technicalities of it all, which I find fascinating. I cannot help but be more attracted to the design aspect, as it adheres to a strong set of rules and guidelines. Although I do love unpredictability, being a graphic designer offers me some guidelines I must follow in my life.

Through it all, I have earned several online and print publications, exhibits, and recognition, for my artwork. I hope through my art and designs to awaken raw emotions from the viewer. I sell various prints of my artwork and designs. I also offer commissions. Currently, I have a book published featuring some of my most popular pieces. All proceeds earned from this book, will go to charity. My book titled, 'Art=Freedom' can be purchased here on my website @

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