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john kolenberg

john kolenberg

i was born in rotterdam, holland, in 1953, immigrated to new orleans,louisiana at the age of seven, moved to los angeles,california in 1963...moved in many places in southern californa...san fernando valley,hollywood,san diego and palm springs.moved to san miguel de allende, mexico in july of 2008....i used to love to draw when i was young. watching the flinstones as a seven year old i could copy their pictures in a short time....did some light painting as well in my teens, mostly water color and acrylic.i spent most of my time in carpentry. came to photography late...i was shooting video and my sister recommended i use a camera instead.great advice... i like to make digital photography pictures, mixing pictures i have taken in to a new art form... using painter 11, and corel photo paint and other programs and my imagination .. to create something different and new...

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john kolenberg hat das Bild beautiful sunflower hochgeladen

a picture i took of a sunflower,growing in my back yard in mexico, that i planted.

john kolenberg hat das Bild julia at the parade hochgeladen

a picture i took of a young woman in the day of the crazies parade , in san miguel de alllende,mexico.. then photo painted and enhanced

john kolenberg hat das Bild hummingbird on sunflower hochgeladen

a picture of a hummingbird and flower i took then painted over and enhanced

john kolenberg hat das Bild young sunburst hochgeladen

a picture of one of my sunflowers, that was just opening up

photgraph taken by me at the atotonnilco sactuary , protected by the united nations, then reworked with special effects.

john kolenberg hat das Bild rust never sleeps hochgeladen

a picture of an old metal door i took , with some special effects in color added...recommendation, do not frame this, get the acrylic with the wrap around paint, so it looks like you have a piece of heavy metal hanging on your wall, this piece looks like three dimensional, the door knocker sticks out and there is shadow here and there as well k and the rivets even look like they protrude a little...

john kolenberg hat das Bild pila seca hochgeladen

pila seca street in san miguel de allende,mexico, cobblestone streets built on a mountain side.

picture i took of a father and son walking on an old mexican dirt road. then added special effects to

john kolenberg hat das Bild going for a walk hochgeladen

picture i took of a woman and her dog walking down a tunnel tree road in mexico.... and then photo painted with corel painter....

three pictures i took and manipulated into one with special digital effects added

pictures of donkeys outside of a house, in san miguel de allende, mexico, with some special digital effects

a picture i took of a night heron flying in a sunset then added some digital effects

3 pictures i took and manipulated into one with some digital effects