Florian Rodarte

Florian Rodarte

My artworks speak about me better than words can. They define me and paint my portrait better than any photo ever will. But, in short – I am a visual creator, with multiple artistic interests that lead to a high variety of styles in my portfolio. I've started many years ago with watercolors and some oil painting, and slowly evolved and embraced the freedom given by the digital canvas. I've always loved specific subjects, rather than general ones. My love of sports has lead to a big chunk of my artistic creations being a celebration of baseball, football, basketball or hockey subjects.

Like everyone else on Earth, I’m often fascinated with celebrities and entertainment – from music to movies and TV shows. We all need heroes and villains, people to admire and characters to despise. I’m an avid watcher of films and TV shows, and this translates into my version of getting close to the fame and glitter – through my Hollywood themed artworks or music related creations.

My recent years have been spent in the pursuit of digital excellency – I love the pop art 60’s style feel, the grunge theme and the elegance of typography blended with famous symbols. Abstract is a beloved theme, from vintage works to true Andy Warhol style pop art. As you can see, I am not constrained within the realm of one single genre – I have always tried to evolve as an artist and match my works with my current interests and passions.

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