Conrad Efrain

Conrad Efrain

Custom USB memory drives are so called because the manufacturers can produce them according to the way you prefer them to be. You can design them to look like the logo of your company. If you are considering branded memory sticks or want custom USB memory sticks then please contact them and they would be delighted to hear from you.

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We are Ilya and Margarita(or Zilasaule). We collaborate since 2005 on art, illustration and book design. We use different colors, pencils, photo-cameras, computers and other objects during the process, depending on their suitability for defined aims.

I am a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in Kiel/Germany.

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My name is Zsolt Nagy and I live in Serbia. I was born the 12th of March in 1990. During my school years, I was attracted by different graphics and design. When I finished high school, I started to explore digital imaging, that’s how I became a concept artist. I finished a course in one of Budapest’s finest schools, the Mesharray Digital and Media School.

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Treska | Graphic Designer, street art painter and real time visual performer.

Under 3K ( “tres ka” in Spanish ) pseudonym, Pablo López expresses and feeds his passion. As a graphic designer, he has been working for more than 7 years tackling several subjects of his profession such as advertisements, textile, and graphics.

While working with street art, he found a way to return some of the spirit the streets gave him by making the observer or peeper take back home a big smile full of colors and extraordinary shapes. In fact Drax, his best-known creation, is based on his actual mate...a white bullterrier which only posses a few characteristics of ordinary dogs.

Regarding his VJ career, Treska makes colorful and ethnic auto-rhythmical environments when immersing his audience in a pleasant and joyful visual experience. Actually, 3K is Switch’s nightclub resident VJ.

I'm a photographer from Barcelona, studing photography at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

Brazilian photographer and designer living in Berlin.
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Illustrator, graphic and web designer based in Dublin, Ireland

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Freelance dreamer artist born on 1986. I'd rather be living in a Polynesian island, damn you Paul Gauguin!

I have interests and hobbies to the design, especially graphic design
I was a designer who is attending lectures in management and marketing ..
I could make a modern design by applying the concept of marketing in it

Hello =)
Name : Aldridge Christian Seubelan | clickyusho
Country Residence : Jakarta, Indonesia
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Dipl. Bildender Künstler:--ab 2010 journalistische und redaktionelle Tätigkeit im Kultur- Ressort beim OWL- Journal Bielefeld/
freiberuflicher Cartoonist

2008-2009 Studium Multimedia Marketing & Crossmedia
Management/ Publishing in Dortmund

2004-2008 Entstehungszeit meiner Kunst "Helden, wie wir!" Satire

Freie Tätigkeiten als Bildender Künstler
Redaktionelles Arbeiten als Zeichner und Schreiber
Freie Buchbinder- Tätigkeiten
Freie Tätigkeiten als Saxofonist im Jazz

1999-2004 Kunststudium an der Kunstakademie Münster(D)

1999-1999 Aufenthalt in Amsterdam(NL) & Antwerpen(B)

1996-1999 Kunststudium an der Kunstakademie AKI Enschede(NL)

1992-1995 Ausbildung zum Buchbinder

Abitur in Osnabrück

Wenn hinter dem, was wir Universum/Weltraum und Leben nennen, eine
Intelligenz steckt, so ist diese bestimmt ein Künstler.
Ständig schafft er aus alten Fragmenten neue Formen. In meinen Bildern
setze ich ein ähnliches Prinzip um.
Wie im richtigen Leben gelingt es mal und manchmal weniger.
Aber viel wichtiger als ich ist der Betrachter, der ohne richtige
Wahrnehmung das Bild zu dem macht, was es seiner Meinung nach ist. Da ich die buddhistischen Ansichten vertrete, sehe ich innen wie außen sowieso kaum Unterschiede.
Und nun viel Spaß beim Betrachten deines Ich's.