Dieter Greubel

Dieter Greubel

Am liebsten mag ich kräftige Farben. Oft aber auch das gerade Gegenteil.

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I have always been an artist whether it was drawing, painting, writing or taking a picture. I take a picture of whatever comes to my mind and I transform it into something else that most people would not find to be beautiful. I try to think outside the box and strive to be a little more unusual or unique. It is better to keep people guessing and asking questions then to predict what you are going to do next. I take all kinds of pictures whether they are serious, goofy, different or just quite simple. Enjoy :)

Hello, and welcome to my website here at
I'm a Painter and Illustrator, living in Baden-Baden, Germany.
Please feel free to browse through and click on any
image to enlarge it. All images are quite traditionally painted with a brush, paint and canvas, not digitally.
You find other works and also originals, as well as info to current exhibitions, on my homepage

Thank you for your likes and comments!

Hallo und herzlich willkommen auf meiner
Webseite bei
Ich bin Maler und Illustrator, lebe in Baden-Baden, Deutschland.
Bitte zögern Sie nicht herumzustöbern und auf
jedes Bild zu klicken, um es zu vergrößern.
Alle Bilder sind ganz traditionell gemalt mit Pinsel,
Farbe und Leinwand, nicht digital.
Weitere Werke und auch Originale, wie auch Infos zu aktuellen Ausstellungen,
finden Sie auf meiner Homepage

Für Eure Likes und Kommentare herzlichen Dank!!

I am a self taught artist. I love to express the life’s simple moments that make you smile and dream. I thank God for making this artist life possible... I love it!

I earned a degree in advertising/graphic art in '92. Right after graduation I landed a job in a small print shop. I worked until my son came along in '96. My husband and I decided that I would stay home to raise him. I continued to work as a part-time freelancer graphic artist until year 2013. In 2000, I added direct marketing for its flexibility so I can be with my son. The flexibility was great, but it took me away from home in the evenings which were my favorite time spent with family. After 5 years, it was time to think of a change.

Although, I have always enjoyed creating art, the thought of painting stayed in the back of my mind, not having the courage to come out.

I have the most supportive husband. His idea, what seemed small at the time, but his way of nudging me which encouraged me to paint today. He brought home a photo of a coworker going camping on a horse, and asked me to paint that for him just for fun. The painting turned out well. I had much fun doing and made me wanting to do more. I bought me a book on painting and learned some techniques...that was in 2006. I am still learning and I am sure that I will never stop learning the awesomeness of the art world.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your visit!