Helena Perez Garcia

Helena Perez Garcia

I am a graphic designer and illustrator based in Spain. After finishing my
Fine Arts' studies in 2010, specializing in Graphic Design, I completed
a Maters Degree in Design and Illustration.

My profile is characterized by a duality between Graphic Design and
Illustration. Despite its differences in graphic registres and working method,
I consider this combination very attractive because it gives me an opportunity
to control various areas of a project, Design and Illustration.

In recent years I have become increasingly interested in Graphic Design areas
- such as visual identity, editorial design, typography editing, packaging design,
I think the possibilities offered by each ne of these mediums, Illustration and
Graphic Design, are unique in and they all appeal to me in one way or another.
I think we shouldn't stop being curious and that we should learn new things
in order to evolve.

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