Ian C Whitworth

Ian C Whitworth

Ian C Whitworth is a photographer based in Oakville Ontario, Canada. His photographic interests are varied, but nature, landscape and travel photography are his main focuses. His passion for photography started at age 17 with the purchase of his first SLR camera, and over 30 years later, digital images and the post production process has kept his passion alive.

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Ian C Whitworth hat das Bild Venice Gondolier hochgeladen

A Venice gondolier awaits a fare in an aged style image.

Ian C Whitworth hat das Bild Piazza San Marco Venice hochgeladen

An aged view of Piazza San Marco in Venice from an elevated position on a cruise ship.

I am a professional photographer living in Ireland. Please feel free to have a look at My website :
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At this point in time I am a PhD student in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with a BSc in Mathematics.

I always enjoyed "snapping pics", but only at the start of university did photography turn into a more serious hobby with my first SLR (400D), and upgrading to a 5D MK II in 20010. Most importantly, digital has made it much easier and especially much cheaper to experiment and play - what's the worst that can happen? A few GB of harddrive space clogged up and a few cents of electricity wasted - in the days of old, exposing film was (and still is) comparatively expensive.

My photography is mainly driven by curiosity and personal interest. The key focus lies on landscapes, either rural or cities - but it can easily deviate to something else, driven by the interest to experiment, suggestions from others or new equipment.

photographer, live in İstanbul

Image Composer and Photographer !


Valerie Anne Kelly aka valzart is an Artist living on a mountain in Spain & by a river in UK. Happily painting, writing & photographing all the wonder and beauty she feels and sees around herself in this amazing world and uses every medium to capture the subject. After receiving her High School Art Diploma, went on to discover the joys of creativity in her heART.. Has exhibited in galleries, sold all over the world and undertaken many commissioned works.. All her works have full copyright...V.KellyUK©CS

Daniel Soriano Correa - Photographer - Santiago de Chile.

Lust auf Leben -
Fotos aus sinnlichem Erleben -
laut und leise -
sinnig und hintersinnig -
Hingabe und Reflektion -
Lust und Wonne -
Schmerz und Schrei -
normal und jenseits des Gewohnten -
mit Lust und Freude -

"The whole is more than the sum of its parts."

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photography by TEMPONAUT

best single frames and compositions of time-lapse photography series
die Besten Einzelbilder und Kompositionen aus Zeitraffer Fotografie Serien www.TEMPONAUT.de

Tania is an aspiring artist from Toronto, Canada. She is currently studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design University to obtain her Bachelors of Fine Arts, majoring in Drawing and Painting.

Alan Copson is a professional travel photographer based just outside London.

With the London 2012 Olympics fast approaching, Alan's London Picture Project is producing some beautiful images. A selection are available to purchase here.

Please visit www.LondonPictureProject.com for his London blog.

Ian C Whitworth hat das Bild Chicago Lighthouse B&W hochgeladen

A black and white view of the Chicago lighthouse

Ian C Whitworth hat das Bild Brooklyn Bridge B&W hochgeladen

A black and white view looking up the cables at the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City