Farah Ahmad

Farah Ahmad

In visual arts, a slight show of expression of one’s self attracts many eyes and opens many hearts & minds, like writing a book, only here, you choose to “show”.

I take art as a challenging aspect. Challenge of making things the way I see, to test whether I am capable of making them visually sound or not. Themes in my work are that I’ve found unique to follow. Realistic approach in presenting themes, with potential amount of details & depth is what I try best to achieve. Crumpled paper is one theme which has so far dominated in my work. Others, I adore working of landscape themes. Pencil work is also a favourite aspect. Other at work are concept & characters designs, CG, photography.

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sketch, pencil on paper

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part of a series. oil on canvas

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Part of a series. oil on canvas

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”It really gripping. simply lovely!“
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Larry Kimball & Barbara Magnuson have been working together for over 25 years as professional nature and wildlife photographers based in Colorado. We've captured over 100,000 images from Canada to Costa Rica, from Yellowstone to the Florida Everglades doing what we love; communing with nature with cameras in hand.

Although we actually claim no specialties other than a serious passion for wilderness and wildlife; we photograph anything that catches our eyes in the great outdoors in order to share the wonders with others.

We've been fortunate in having been published world-wide in both books and magazines, calendars, greeting cards and posters, educational materials and field guides. Our last major project, A Field Guide to Plants of Costa Rica, published by Oxford University Press is now on sale at major bookstores here and abroad. The book is the culmination of field work which took the better part of 14 years throughout the great country of Costa Rica.

I'm a Finnish student. I've always loved drawing but I got more serious about creating art and teaching myself new techniques about two and a half years ago.
My subjects include sceneries, nature, portraits, and ethnic themes. I use watercolors, pencils, acrylics, pastels and ink.


Chris Bidleman is an award winning Portland, OR based photographer that sells and licenses fine art photography. His focus is on nature, landscape and wildlife photography. He grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he gained his appreciation of mountain landscapes, ocean coastlines plus the lakes and streams of Oregon and Washington. Chris has traveled in many countries in Europe including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico plus lived throughout the US but now lives in Vancouver, WA.

Chris is also a part-time musician and has played professionally for over 30 years on the West Coast. Music has given him great insight to the emotional side of the arts. With his photography he sees the colors, shadows, light, textures and structures within a scene much like he hears the different parts of the music for each instrument--the rhythms, note patterns, chords, dynamics and the blend of all those elements coming magically together. Ones emotional state of mind and mood can change just by connecting with nature and often Chris can “hear” the music of what he is seeing and photographing.

For further information, please see his website at ChrisBidleman.com, on Facebook at facebook.com/ChrisBidleman.Photography and Twitter as CBPhotoguy.