Ivan Sundby

Ivan Sundby

I live in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada where I enjoy photography and drawing illustrations and comic book style art.

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Ivan Sundby hat das Bild Revive hochgeladen

An introspective nude sits beside a magic pool .

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild Spirit hochgeladen

This mermaid with sad eyes lives around some large rocks in the brightly lit shallow waters.

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild Suddenly Winter hochgeladen

Lia Boo is a character I've been developing slowly over the last few years. The background is derived from one of my photos of one of a first snowfall on the mountain tops.

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild Ooria hochgeladen

Ooria is a mountain fairy. The background was made from one of my own photos,while the character began as a simple ink sketch.

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild mysterial entity hochgeladen

"Not everything in the deep blue sea has two legs." Looks great with nearly any nautical theme.

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild Forest Fairy hochgeladen

This computer sketch fairy is easy to love with her bright colors and cheerful stripes.

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild Newest Angel hochgeladen

Just after the devastating earthquakes in Haiti, I drew this for the memory of those who were lost to us.

Ivan Sundby hat das Bild The Dark Days of Mercy Black hochgeladen

Starting as a pencil sketch, I colored this in dark and subtle tones to keep it's dark Gothic tone. Although no threat can be seen, we get the feeling it's never far away...