Jack Teagle

Jack Teagle

Jack Teagle is a freelance illustrator currently living in South West England. He divides his time between commercial work, drawing comics and painting. Since graduating from the University of Plymouth in 2009 Jack has worked with a variety of clients, had 3 solo shows, taken part in many group shows and had his comics 'Jeff Job hunter' and 'Fight!' released by Nobrow Press.

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Jack Teagle hat das Bild Ghosts hochgeladen

Ghosts of all shapes, colours and sizes. Wandering souls made of shifting colour.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Heroines and Villainesses hochgeladen

pop art, portraits, feminine, heroes, villains, fun, toys, movies, pop culture, bright, strong, bold, women, comics, video games, geek, nerd

Papposilenos is a freelance illustrator, comic artist, and production designer. His favorite art movement is the Symbolists of the late 19th century. He likes monsters, robots, science, puppets, all kinds of music, and ADVENTURE! However, he LOVES drawing. He will fight for his dreams until the day that he dies.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Tarzan hochgeladen

Tarzan defeats the king of the jungle.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Spidey Sense hochgeladen

A portrait of everyone's favourite superhero, Spiderman!

Originally created with acrylics on canvas.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Monster Mash hochgeladen

Monsters have gathered together for a big party!
There's a human fly, vampries, skeletons, zombies and more!

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Alien Baltan hochgeladen

Alien Baltan from the Japanese Tokusatsu show Ultraman.

Painted with acrylics on canvas.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Death in Space hochgeladen

A strange astronaut is left alone, haunted by what he has done.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Hole hochgeladen

Acrylic on canvas paper.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Woodland hochgeladen

A mix of mice, squirrels and foxes all getting along.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild The Fox and the Pumpkin hochgeladen

The travelling fox encounters a happy little ghost, a jack o' lantern and a pumpkin sprite.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Pixel Panther hochgeladen

Acrylic on canvas
8x10 inches
The original picture is built up of hundreds of squares of different colours to create the illusion that the image is made out of pixels.

The panther is my spirit animal.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Total Alienation hochgeladen

Originally acrylics painted on paper.

A lone traveller from space finds it hard fitting into earth society, and ultimately ends up alone.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Inspiring People hochgeladen

Part of a series of people and characters that have inspired me.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Fight hochgeladen

The devil fights the saint!
The red menace delivers a devastating drop kick to the hero! How will he survive and win the fight?

Acrylic on canvas

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Good vs Evil hochgeladen

He-man versus Skeletor in a huge battle between good and evil. Who will win?

Acrylic on canvas.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Garfield hochgeladen

Garfield taught me how to hate.
A tribute to my love/hate relationship with Garfield.

Acrylic on paper.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild B is for Batman hochgeladen

Painted in acrylics.
A tribute to the silver age Batman and Robin.

Jack Teagle hat das Bild Heroes and Villains hochgeladen

A mix of some of my favourite heroes and villains brought together.
Each portrait is originally a 6 inch painting that I have grouped together to create one huge piece celebrating the weird and bizarre world of fictional heroes and villains.