Aaron Jackendoff

Aaron Jackendoff

I am a professional photographer in the States.

I have been photographing for about 16 years now. I have been a part of various solo and group shows in the States which have lasted anywhere from 1 night to several years and anywhere between 1 to 50 photographs in a show.

I photograph a lot of different people and things, but photographing dance, jazz and movement are at the core of what I love.

Also see my blog: www.aaronjackendoff.blogspot.com

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Aaron Jackendoff hat das Bild Jazz Blues hochgeladen

In the Jazz Clubs of Pittsburgh, jamming out, feeling the music

Aaron Jackendoff folgt jetzt Re Fo

ReFo is a Berlin tattoo artist who works with great detail and reversible figures.

KathKorth entstand aus der Idee heraus, nicht nur Kunst als Bühnenbildnerin auf die Bühne zu bringen, sondern auch in die Wohn- und Arbeitsbereiche. So verbinden sich hier meine Arbeitsstudien in Form von digital bearbeiteten Skizzen, Recherche Arbeit und Malerei.
Website: http://www.kathkorth.com/

Schauspielerin, Bühnengestalterin, Grafikerin
actrice - stage artist - graphics

Frankfurter Freie Theater (Die Dramatische Bühne, Ensemble 9. November, Papagenotheater, Theater Willy Praml).


Photography & Drawings
Göteborg - Barcelona


Aaron Jackendoff hat das Bild One with the Trombone hochgeladen

#BeautySlap at #MrSmalls #Pittsburgh
by aaronjackendoff

Aaron Jackendoff hat das Bild Horn hochgeladen

#BeautySlap at #MrSmalls #Pittsburgh
by aaronjackendoff

Aaron Jackendoff hat das Bild The blues hochgeladen

After the show tonight #musiclife
by aaronjackendoff

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#BeautySlap at #MrSmalls #Pittsburgh
by aaronjackendoff

I'm a 22 year old dancer/photographer/student from Cracow, Poland. You can check my photos without watermark on my gallery: http://edenamarga.deviantart.com/ . If you have any request about the prints let me know.

I like milk, I like flies.