Jaffe Signore

Jaffe Signore


I'm a member of the Norman, Oklahoma, USSR of A community. Graduate student of Comparative Religion and Social Work. 40something happily-married father of two college students. Though temporarily disabled I have enjoyed a a long career as a Psychiatric Nurse. When I'm not wearing those hats I'm drawing, painting, or manipulating some images.

Both a veteran of the psychic wars of the 2100s and an ex-mariner on the good ship lollipop, I've seen my share of wonders. I made that up. Just kidding. I have truly seen my share of wonders and more! Seeing if you were paying attention.

I've been a fan of pop art since I first got my hands on an issue of Mad Magazine and Marvel's X-Men.i didn't keep my skills up for several years but this has become an obsession for me of late. My exposure to fine art was in my teens as I discovered many famous artists who influence my work primarily from the expressionist, surrealist, symbolist, and modern/post-modern so called schools.

My primary influences are religious and occult iconograohy of both East & West. I often create images that juxtapose contrasting ideologies yet strive that they actually enhance and compliment one another. I am also a huge fan of H.P. lovecraft and the psychological horror genre. I aspire to work within the symbolist tradition. Jungian archetypal influence is also apparent in my work as I am an avid venturer into the collective unconscious of which Jung so passionately wrote.

Gotta run, the innership Rainbow Brite approaches and I must depart for nether regions. Did I say that, I was trying to keep it a secret. Anyway, Bon voyage and how-do-you-do!

Please comment/critique my work as well. Thank you for
If you have questions about any of my work please contact me via email.

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