Jana Nikolova

Jana Nikolova

Hi, I am Jana, and I will make a short lyrical addition to my illustrations by introducing myself. I have graduated from the National Academy of Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria with speciality Poster and Visual Communication. Nevertheless, along with the enormous posters I still have a little spare time that I use to have some fun, making the stuff you can see here. Most of them are the result of emotions, rather than common sense - I use the latter for the posters. These very illustrations were made mainly with watercolors and gouache, but I can proudly say that I am skillful with every art technique. In my color scheme there is no color missing, but after all the world has many colors, to say nothing of fantasy.

Check portfolio at www.behance.net/jananikolova_com.

I may be saying quite a little about myself, but this is not because I'm shy - quite the opposite. I am interested in many different things and these are not only in the field of art. I love reading, adore watching movies, and please don't make me tell stories about going out with friends and talking nonsense.

I can easily say that my life is a sequence of fine improbabilities. Painting is only a part of me, but the best one. I invest a lot of emotion and love in what I am doing and I will do it as long as it entertains me, or at least until my paint goes dry. I enjoy very much positive emotions and the overdoses of laughter and fun that my works provoke in people and that is why I want to share them with you as well!

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