Jasenka Arbanas

Jasenka Arbanas

Ach, wie schade! Wenn Du diesen Text siehst, bedeutet das, dass Jasenka Arbanas bisher noch nichts über sich verraten hat. Wir hoffen sehr, dass sich das ganz schnell ändert!

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Pink roses in white jug on the table

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Easter egg on the table

About 3 years ago I seriously discovered the fun of photography. It started rather innocent but right now it's part of every-day's life.

My photo's are very basic. I like to keep it plain and simple although I prefer a wonderful blur...
I try to show you everyday stuff in a slightly different way. I think my 'blue-period' is coming to its end. This doesn't mean I don't like blue anymore but I guess you will see other colours too in my latest work.

Jasenka Arbanas hat das Bild blue dream hochgeladen
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”lovely,nice post processing“
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Jasenka Arbanas hat das Bild roses hochgeladen

I used a different texture.