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johan  wahlstrom

johan wahlstrom

Born 1959 in Stockholm Sweden.

Visual Artist, Musician, Composer, Traveler, Story Teller, Seeker, Believer, Dreamer, Lust For Life, Women.
I paint to keep myself insane.
I paint anxiety to be calm.
I paint war to have peace.
I paint sadness to be happy.
I paint the dark to be in the light.
I paint death to be alive.
I paint a story so that I don't have to tell a story.

“Johan Wahlstrom is spontaneously, emotionally and a story teller”
Dr. phil. Maria-Ilona Schellenberg ? Kunstpublizistin & Dozentin

"We are drawn into a reality of the mind playing with known and unknown images; cultural and spiritual continuity with disturbing distortions." Don Noyes-More, Editor, Downton La Life Magazine, Los Angeles

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