John Lanthier

John Lanthier

I’m a young French-Canadian, self-taught artist. I was born in and traveled extensively throughout Asia as a child, which left a lasting impression on me and my work. I enjoy experimenting widely with a range of media and pushing the boundaries of painting by incorporating tactile and sculptural elements within my works.

My recent paintings subvert popular imagery and corporate branding to illustrate a grand theme of the struggle for individualism with the modern corporate machine. The constant advertisements we urbanites are bombarded with as we go about each day have an undeterminably powerful yet real influence on our lifestyle as well as our purchases. But what does it mean for the consumer when he sees the familiar symbols he’s preconceived to view with positive sentiment entwined in a seditious artwork and loaded with a host of new associations?

I aim to provoke the viewer through the aggressive recontextualisation of recognizable images from pop culture and mass media. I borrow much from both the language of surrealism and advertising to craft dynamic scenes of strange worlds which yet hauntingly resemble ours. I’m deeply interested in exploring contemporary issues, creatively channeling my shifting perception of life and the events and emotions which fill it.

Some themes addressed in my work are the body, the machine, religion and pop culture. These often take form in phantasmagorical dreamscapes combining vivid color, intense detail and grand settings. They are sometimes disturbing, satirical or darkly humorous but also thought-provoking, subtly presenting alternate viewpoints to complex sociological issues I encounter.

I am currently studying for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting & Drawing at Concordia University, Montreal

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