J.Skoht's Artist Statement:

Emotional Expression

It has to come out so I can prove to myself that it is beautiful.

Each and every pattern is an emotional cord.

Desire. Love. Distain. Disappointment. Longing. Jubilation.

Every shape a passion.

The interconnectedness.

The coming together of the small to create the big.

Giving shape through patient endurance, one step at a time to create a whole.

A reminder of what I believe when I cannot see it.

Cleansing. Purification.

Making space for bigger dreams.

It is music with the ink pen serving as the needle upon the record of self.

Emotion and music have no shape, but the pen lends its ink to reveal it.

Ink is as blood as art is as soul.

Proof of the journeys worthiness.

Proof of the journeys beauty.

Proof that to listen is to know a greater greatness surrounds us.

A harmony exists in the tempest.

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